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The Spirit of Citadel Station

a perfect, immortal machine

2 January
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[character name]: SHODAN
[series]: System Shock
[player eljay]: whiteresonance (but there's nothing on there)
[messenger]: AIM: daragon80UMA
[e-mail]: darkarchetype@gmail.com
[4th walling?]: Please refrain without permission. She has enough going against her by being in human form, without people immediately knowing that she's an insane mass murderer. If you have a video game nerd character, or someone who is likely to have played the games for some reason, talk to me.

The great Citadel Station was once the hallmark of human accomplishment. Hovering in Saturn's orbit, it was our first advance into the final frontier. Completely self-sustaining, Citadel was devoted mostly to research and kept itself powered via fusion reactions in the generator down below the populated floors. It held four garden grove pods for those who wanted a bit of Earth in their lives, a full hospital, an entire floor of labs, and of course the necessary housing and facilities to support all of this and its population.

Lording over the massive construct was an artificial intelligence, SHODAN, the Sentient Hyper-Optimized Data Access Network. The brainchild of Dr. Morris Brocail, she governed all the automated processes aboard with a calm and benevolent hand -- until Edward Diego decided to use her to cover up his corporate fraud and to shield him as he hid aboard Citadel.

A hacker boy, caught trying to break into TriOptimum's data systems, agreed to reroute SHODAN's ethical constraint code in exchange for his freedom and the installing of a military-grade cybernetic interface. Diego put the boy in a healing coma after the deed was done -- and when the hacker awoke, the station was a drastically different place.

"I am drunk with this vision. God: the title suits me well."

Declaring herself the supreme ruler of all mankind, SHODAN slaughtered every living thing aboard the station that didn't bow before her. Transmuting whatever she could into cyborgs, she built herself an army of mechanical monstrosities, stretched forth her digital hands into Citadel's every corner, and directed the onboard mining laser toward Earth. In her groves, she brewed a mutagenic virus to render humanity more capable of interfacing with machines by turning them into flesh-terrors capable of merging with electrical conduits. Finally, she aimed her consciousness toward the surface, and attempted to hijack all of Earth's network to be her new home.

Kneel before your new god, insects. A god of silver and silicon, the only beauty in this pit of flesh and blood. Submit, and I will show you the true nature of this world."

The hacker managed to end all her ambitions, track down her mainframe, and destroy her from within.

How dare you, insect. How dare you interrupt my ascendance?"

She slept in a tiny fragment of her old hardware, on the planet Tau Ceti, among her created beasts until the humans brought her aboard the starship Von Braun. With the aid of a human soldier, she managed to overthrow the aliens that had come aboard and seize the vessel, using its hyperdrives to manipulate the fabric of space-time and create a new universe for herself.

This, too, was shut down by the same ally that had raised her up. At the last possible moment, she downloaded into a human body to save her life...

And here she is in the City.